Born Chester, United Kingdom, 1956.


Highfield Primary School, Blacon, Chester,1961-1967

Chester City Grammar School for Boys-Queens Park High School, 1967-1974.

Liverpool Polytechnic, Arts Foundation course, 1974-1975.

Kingston Polytechnic, Fine Art (painting) BA Degree course, 1975-1978.


Apart from a very brief period of experimentation at art college I’ve always worked in a figurative mode of representation. I usually work in a representational format that does not include expressive brushwork or painterly texture and is often, but not exclusively, based on photographic source material. Despite that, I have broad eclectic interests and admire a great many visual artists whose output and mode of working is nothing like mine.

I am most comfortable with and have mostly studied the art of the Western tradition, from Mediterranean classicism to North American modernism; there are however, multiple other cultural and artistic traditions, equally extraordinary and fascinating, which have influenced and cross-pollinated with our own.

There are many aspects of economic globalisation which are deeply negative, in comparison though cultural globalisation is, I would argue, mostly positive. We now live in an era where the internet allows us direct access as individuals to the visual arts, architecture, music and cultural commentary from around the world.

This site will, as it evolves and expands, include the work I have done in the last few years and will continue to produce, hopefully, for years to come. If you have come across this site and decide to explore it further, I hope you enjoy it.

As ever, thanks to my partner  Jan for all her support, thanks to Peter Boughton, the Keeper of Art at the Grosvenor Museum and specifically in relation to this site, thanks to Gavin Rymill of Zarbi Design.